Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's summer tiiiiiiiiiime, and the livin's easy......

(yes. we gave Elias a real marshmallow, which is definitely NOT on his diet. But it was only one, and it was the first nice weekend of the year and the first fire pit so....we do the best we can, but sometimes we break the rules. I think if we NEVER did, we'd give the poor child a complex....and there are no refined-sugar-free marshmallows out there. I checked)

Ahhhhh. Nice weather has returned to Lakeville. As always, I have grand blog ambitions and poor blog execution. I've been meaning to post more frequently, but I have to admit, the really late spring this year really made it a bit of a slog as the winter seemed to go on. and on. and onnnnnn. Add to that the fact that Andy's been traveling more than usual, and I've been single-working-momming it, the blog falls, as usual to the bottom of the pile.

Anyway, I had sort of a long week - Andy was out of town, we had a couple extra guests a good deal of the time - my next door neighbor (who is an actual single mom, so I shouldn't be so flip about my husband going on a business trip) had some personal obligations and was stuck for before and afterschool childcare last week. So I had the four caballeros - not that they're any trouble, they're definitely not. They're lovely kids and four peas in a pod -

but by the time the weekend rolled around I was exhausted. Luckily, the kids were able to go visit Andy's parents and I got a chance to regroup, clean, and just generally relax a little. Luckily it coincided with the weather being just perfect. I got this year's flowers in the flower boxes:

as an aside, I cannot for the world take a representative photo of those flower boxes. I think it's the angle, since they're higher off the ground than I am tall and because I need to stand so far back to get it all in the shot. But they look really nice this year. I ditched the impatiens I leaned on heavily last year, because I read an article that went a long way toward explaining the ingominious end of my flowerboxes last year. This year I used begonias, double begonias, geraniums, vinca and a bellflower. Yellow, white and red. I'm excited to see it in 3-4 weeks when the plants have spread and are crowding the boxes!

The town is starting to perk up. The weekenders are back, the classic cars are out, the views are amazing. This time of year *almost* makes up for the blear November-March. Almost. The lake opens in a few weeks and the kids are chomping at the bit.

One interesting thing that happened today is that we got an alert that the house we wanted to buy 2 years ago when we first moved here has come back on the market. It's in North Egremont, and when we were looking for houses it was the only house that we've ever looked at to date that I just swooned over. We both fell in love and as we were getting in the car we told the realtor "make an offer. this is THE HOUSE." It's kind of funny, because she was drawing up the offer paper work and we were working with our mortgage guy, but our offer was going to have to be under asking because we didn't feel comfortable to stretch to their asking price. Anyway, our realtor told us before we submitted the offer that there was another offer "at or near asking" and we backed off. We weren't going to get into a bidding war when we didn't feel comfortable stretching. We kept looking and found this house. Anyway, we heard later that the strange coda to the story was that the house never got sold - the owners decided not to sell it at all and the deal never went through. At the time we told ourselves, see? good thing we DIDN'T go all in on that house - the deal would have fallen through and we would have been house-less.'s back on the market. Cheaper this time. It's listed $25K lower than it was last time. Argh. I want it. Honestly, I feel like THAT is my forever house.....but......of course, is the forever house, by definition, the forever house if it's located in North Egremont MA? I guess that's the question. But I would happily retire in that house, I love it. I feel like we should sell this house (which I never liked), buy that one, and just rent when we move on, and keep that. when the kids are grown, Andy and I will retire there and we'll love it. But of course, that's probably not going to happen. But a girl can dream.

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